Induction in Kashima factory!

Now I've been in my company's plant for 3-week induction course. I start as a sales rep and the plant is far from Tokyo and perhaps I'm not coming these kind of manufacturing plant so often in the future.
So This was rather great oppotunity to see how products were made. Besides, here I don't have to be arsed by "commuter rush" that always makes my shirts ruffly collared...

Here, Kashima is famous for its professional football team "The Kashi
antlers" and ppl are desperately in love with football. They play footer every lunch break and go back their work sweaty all over ,even 40-year around chiefs! but 1days later, I joined them and headed back to my induction drenching with sweat! coz every single my trainer in Kashima always showed up on me puff and blow.. hehe